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Just cuz some of us didn’t make it to Miami #WMC2014, doesn’t mean we can’t bring Miami to us. We have 7 epic mixes to help you heal!

Whether singing in front of the stage or rocking from behind the turntables, Anané holds nothing back. That is why she is this weeks, DJ of the week!

Ready to kick off March, which just so happens to be National Women’s History Month, correctly? Then say hello to the months first DJ of The Week, Nicole Moudaber.

DJ/producer Nicole Moudaber is building upon her MOOD Records imprint with the launch of ‘In the MOOD,’ which is ready to rock Miami and then Brooklyn. Whut whut!!

This Dominican New Yorker has traveled more than 50 countries in the last 10 years. With a consistent drive to number one, Oscar P is this week’s DJ of the WEEK.

Winter Music Conference celebrates another year of change, music, friends and good times.

And the winners are…..28th Annual International Dance Music Awards were yesterday. We have the list of winners here.

Among the Superstar DJs in attendance at WMC this year is one of has been quiet as of late, at least as quiet as a DJ can be in this scene. His name is Armand van Helden and he is as hot, as relevant and as loved as he always has been.

Winter Music Conference means Dance music, parties, sun and fun, networking and most of all, dreaming! So dream big!

Porter Robinson may be the future of dance music, but he knows his history and don’t use the term EDM with him.