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Kenny Summit continues breaking new ground by digging into the crates of House music’s past and paying homage to the greats – all the while his eyes set on the future!

Whether singing in front of the stage or rocking from behind the turntables, Anané holds nothing back. That is why she is this weeks, DJ of the week!

5 years Deeper Shades Recordings offers a label retrospective taken into the present and future through inclusion of previously unreleased remixes and originals.

If House music is a spiritual thing, then meet the man at the pulpit: josh Milan!

For me, Father’s day means listening to the classics. Louie Vega and Todd Terry count?

Ever feel like throwing all caution to the wind and dancing in the streets? If you’re in New York City this weekend, go for it!

Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez ushered in a golden era of dance music in the 1990s as the untouchable remix/production team, Masters At Work. All these years later, they are still tearing down the house, even when it’s a boat!

DJ Times magazine recently unveiled the winner of America’s Best DJ award for 2012, Markus Schulz. Do you agree or not?

We’ve put together a list of some of the best YouTube videos uploaded so far of last weeks WMC and UMF right here! Wakin up from #WMC?! Watch and reminisce, or if you weren’t there, well, see what you missed!