Virtual DJ Drops New App
December 16, 2010
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Virtual DJ Drops New App

VirtualDJ, has helped launched the careers of bedroom DJs everywhere. Nevermind that most of them have downloaded it via Bittorrent – after all, do you know anyone who has ever paid for the software. But VirtualDJ is serious about establishing itself as a major player in the DJ software market and they have just released a new app to do just that.

The iRecord turns your iPod, iPhone or iPad into a controller for your VirtualDJ software. You can skin it almost any way you want, making it go from “a turntable-like scratch pad on your iPad, a drum-pad to launch samples, a basic play/pause/loop controller, or a playlist monitor to let you work from the bar,” all as quickly as you use to illegally download VirtualDJ.

Of course, you want to go legit and help the cause right? So, go to the Apple store and download the App now for just $9.99.




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