Why House Music in South Africa Matters to the Rest of the World
March 25, 2013

Why House Music in South Africa Matters to the Rest of the World

Written By Tania Fuentez

Earlier this year, Resident Advisor ventured abroad exploring South Africa’s influential House music scene, uncovering how this country embraced the sound on all levels, and why it matters on a global scale. Right now, while EDM makes the rounds splashed on major music magazines and blogs, South Africans are the biggest consumers of House music in the world. “If you’re looking for proof, there is no need to visit a nightclub,” Resident Advisor reports. “In turning on a television, listening to the radio or walking down the street, it’s clear that a 4/4 pulse is the metronome of everyday life.” In addition to record labels and promoters, RA’s latest Real Scenes documentary series spotlights Johannesburg, with DJs and producers like Black Coffee, Culoe de Song, Oskido, Shimza and others explaining how essential House music has become there.

Johannesburg has written—and continues to write—its own narrative,” Resident Advisor says. “It has tales of hardship. The fight to free itself from the brutality of apartheid, and the role music played in that struggle. In a city still rife with poverty, House music can offer a way out.” For those of us who relate, I only hope the message of this deeper side of House reaches beyond clubland circles and over-the-top megafests. Forget all about the laser shows, bottle service and pre-recorded DJ sets, and get back to basics. House is a feeling … it should not be about how you look on the dance floor, or how many YouTube hits and Facebook “Likes” acquired. It’s how you feel when you hear this music.

Tania Fuentez is a New York-based professional journalist specializing in fine art photography, creative writing and visual arts, providing an outlet for all forms of independent, underground art. You can contact her at: tania@taniafuentezmedia.com.







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