Brooklyn born Steve Amoroso has always been a lover of music and in particular Electronic music, and the culture in which it thrives. In fact, he even learned to appreciate niteclubs via his Grandfather, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.

Amoroso grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was always involved with music in some way. He learned to play the guitar at 15, was in a Rock band where he played rhythm guitar and was lead vocalist as well as in a Hip Hop group. To say the least, his reach is truly diverse. However, despite his love of music, he had no real plans of pursuing it in a meaningful or professional way. So he went clubbing.

Growing up I’m NY, there are plenty of top quality clubs (as well as piss poor and downright questionable ones) to chose from and naturally Amoroso frequented many. Nitelife landmarks such as Sound Factory, Tunnel, Lime Light, Centro Fly, and Roxy among others were among his favorites, and it was there that he listened and danced to, and wholeheartedly enjoyed some of the best DJs our underground world has to offer. Then he experienced Danny Tenaglia on the 1’s and 2’s at Vinyl and something in him awoke.

From that nite forward Amoroso has made it his mission to become the best DJ he could be and has made tremendous strides. In just a few short years, Amoroso has gone from hardcore clubhead to having played in the new school of mega and hip clubs that have emerged in the last few years. He has rocked clubs such as Cielo, Pacha, Sullivan Room, Webster Hall, Nikki Beach Midtown, and played alongside some major talent such as Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo, Cevin Fisher, Chus & Ceballos, Steve Lawler, Audiofly, Timo Maas, Donald Glaude, Benny Bennassi, Mark Knight and the list goes on. With this kind of schooling, it’s no wonder his name is creating a buzz and his itinerary is growing by the weekend.

Before he gets so big we need to go through an agent, PR department, an entourage, and a bodyguard or two we managed to ask him a few questions and talk briefly about his beginnings, his present, his future, and oh yeah, his grandfather.

1200Dreams: I used to frequent a certain club back in the day called Latin Quarter and on more than one occasion I recall seeing an older gentleman dancing Salsa or bobbing to the beat. Word is your grandfather was a serious clubber, going to clubs way into his more advanced years and in fact, he just might be the man I saw at the old Latin Quarter. What a small world! How much of an influence did he have on you?

Amoroso: Well he definitely influenced me as far as learning and loving Latin music/rhythms, and that you’re never to old to hit the dance floor, he’s got the heart of a teenager! I think I get my energy from him as well 🙂

1200Dreams: Have you ever taken your grandfather to a club with you, has he ever seen you spin?

Amoroso: Sadly no! He says he’s gonna cramp my style, this is not the case; the old man still has his swagger! I almost got him to Nikki Beach in Miami for Conference because it was a day time party and he doesn’t hit the night clubs to much anymore, maybe next year!

1200Dreams: When did you first discover electronic music? Tell us about that first song, record, or mixtape you heard that made you realize life was never going to be the same again?

Amoroso: When electronic music became popular in the late 90’s I was introduced to acts like Prodigy, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Darude, that lead me to the rave scene and quickly toward the club scene, once I heard House music it was a wrap!

There wasn’t a particular song, more a particular DJ that changed my life and made me want to DJ myself, it was the 1st time I saw Danny Tenaglia @ Vinyl!

1200Dreams: You emphatically claim that seeing Danny Tenaglia really changed your life and gave you some direction regarding your career. What exactly was it about that nite, about Tenaglia, that affected you so?

Amoroso: The way he created an atmosphere & emotion through music, he took me on journeys through music that where so euphoric all you do is smile and dance and be yourself 🙂

1200Dreams: 1200Dreams: I guess you consider yourself very fortunate growing up in Brooklyn with access to some of the best DJs and one of the best nitelife scenes in the world?

Amoroso: Yes! Definitely, at that time you had such great talent from Brooklyn, the rest of the boroughs & NJ who where playing locally every week or monthly (e.g.: Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo). In the early 2000’s I was pretty much on the club scene every night in New York City in my late teenage years. I was lucky enough to catch the end of a great era with Lime Light, Tunnel, Exit, Sound Factory, Roxy, World, Spirit, Crobar, and especially Vinyl!

1200Dreams: When you first started DJing, how many hours would you spend practicing? What’s the longest uninterrupted streak of hours you spent doing so?

Amoroso: I used to spend whole days only stopping for bathroom & hunger breaks.

1200Dreams: You are young and definitely a part of the digital revolution, but you know your gear. Have you ever owned a pair of Technics? Tell us about your experience with them.

Amoroso: Yes! Still do and I’ll never let them go lol. My experience with Technics was short but sweet, I first learned how do DJ on them, but quickly moved on to CDJ’s. Still to me there’s no better feeling then putting a record on the platter & the sound quality cannot be touched by modern technology!

1200Dreams: What was your first major club gig and tell us what you were feeling at the moment?

Amoroso: Pacha NYC 2 years ago closing for Benny Benassi in front of a jam packed room, I wasn’t even supposed to play that night, I was at the right place at the right time! I took a shot of Tequila to calm my nerves and I’m proud to say I rocked the house! I was a main floor DJ from that moment on. I have to thank Kevin Williams and Rob Fernandez for giving me that shot of a life time!

1200Dreams: You are now about to embark on the next phase of your career and start producing. Is this something DJs must do to secure a longer career or is it something natural, inevitable, and more importantly, something you really want to do?

Amoroso: Well I was a musician first before I started DJ’in. I started playing the guitar when I was 15, sang & played in local rock bands where we would make/produce our own music, so its not entirely new but Electronic music is a whole ‘nother animal!

I’m producing while I learn, I definitely see a difference from when I started & my first set of releases are coming out within the next 2 months! I’ve been producing for a year now and its a blast! I thought there was no better feeling than making people go mad with a track, until I made people go mad over my track, its the greatest feeling!

1200Dreams: You have appeared beside some massive DJs, and I imagine you learn something from each one of them, but is there any one who particularly stands out? Why?

Amoroso: Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo, he may not have noticed, but he taught me the greatest lessons just from hanging out with him & watching him in action. He’s given me a few pointers over the years that I apply to my DJ’in today, long story short his sets are always in your face House music with tons of energy that will bring you up & make you break a sweat on the dance floor. I thrive for the same!

I always joke with him “where’s the chumbo button?” As soon as he gets on the decks he immediately lifts the crowd up on the first song & higher & higher after! It’s like he got this magical button behind the decks he keeps to himself and makes the crowd go bonkers as soon as he presses play! Our sound isn’t exactly alike but out vibe/feeling is very similar.

1200Dreams: If you weren’t DJing, what would you be doing?

Amoroso: I have no idea, I had worked more jobs than I can count, was really good at a few but would lose interest after a while, Music is the only job I can never get sick of 🙂

1200Dreams: Where can we expect to see you in 5, 10, 15 years?

Amoroso: Doing what I love, DJ’in/Making music for the masses of House music lovers across the globe while always keeping true to my NYC roots.

Make sure to keeps your ears open to DJ Amoroso, in the meantime, check out his mix, and hear for yourself why his nite life looks so bright!

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