October 10, 2011


On Columbus Day, we’re supposed to celebrate the life of the man that “discovered” America, but we’re not really down with that. I mean, how can you discover a place when there are already highly civilized people living there? Of course the events that followed, the atrocities that he and his crew brought upon the natives, and the hordes of treasure hunters and land grabbers that followed more than changed this foreign land, they changed the course of history.

Regardless of what you think about the man, the fact is that there is another side to the story. So aside from saying a little prayer to these people that were so adversely affected by his so called discovery, people we hold in our hearts and minds till this day, we wanted to feature a person descendant from them. Though it’s over 600 years later and our people and music is vastly changed, we feel we still carry their rhythm in our bodies and our hearts, and a DJ that we feel represents that rhythm and brings that music to the masses in an exciting and enthusiastic way is New York’s own, DJ Lobo.

DJ Lobo, government name Christian Garcia is from Queens, New York. He was introduced to the craft of DJing by his older brother. By the time he was a teen he had gone from spinning at local family parties to local clubs where he wasn’t even old enough to buy a drink at.

Lobo’s career took off soon after when he was invited to spin on Friday and Saturday nites at local radio station Latino Mix 105.9, he was then given the 5-7pm slot called “Traffic Jam”. He was 23 years old. All of New York was taking notice, especially the competing radio stations. Two years later he was appointed music director for another local Latin radio station Rhumba 107.1, then in 2005, New York’s biggest Latino radio station, WSKQ La Mega 97.9 scooped him up and promptly gave him the Friday nite slot, which he branded La Zona! DJ Lobo hasn’t looked back since.

These nites, you can catch DJ Lobo every nite Monday through Friday from 7-9pm on La Mega, as well as the trendiest clubs throughout New York and beyond as he travels frequently bringing his energetic sets featuring the best in Urban, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggeaton, Hip Hop, and more to the masses of the world. Keeping alive the memories and the spirit of those descendants we should be celebrating on this day instead.

DJ LOBO LA ZONA 9 by 12D-Latino




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