Tag "DJ of the Week"

Don’t let your summer end without attending at least one boat party! Jeannie Hopper has just the one for you!

He dreamed of traveling the world like a rock star. He does it as an in demand DJ and producer instead. I think Noir is just fine with that.

What better way to wrap up our month long feature of Latino Djs than with one of the greatest to ever do it, David Morales!

He can handle the underground and the pop masses equally with ease. Say hello to our DJ of The Week, Davidson Ospina.

Our first featured DJ in our month long celebration of Latino DJs is Ray Vasquez. You may or may not have heard of him, but when the big dogs come to play in New York and when he walks into a club, the real party people know him.

This weeks DJ of the Week is proof that a DJ doesn’t have to be a producer to make it, but that love and hard work can pay off just as well.

This week I found that the deeper I went into the code I was programming, the deeper the music became!

Named after the actual mass chaos that erupted in LA back in 92, LA Riots is a one man powerhouse in the electronic music scene that more than lives up to the power of such a tag.

Their name is Detroit Swindle but they are from the Netherlands. But don’t worry, the only thing they get away with are dope beats.

If 3lau represents the future of EDM, then we’d say it’s in good hands.