DJ Paris Hilton Makes Her Debut – Is The End of EDM Near

DJ Paris Hilton Makes Her Debut – Is The End of EDM Near

1200Dreams: DJ Paris Hilton Makes Her Debut

I hate to do this to you, especially this early in the morning but, I must, it’s news.

Over the weekend, DJ Paris Hilton made her debut in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Pop Music Festival. Naturally, videos documenting the momentous occasion have been uploaded to YouTube and of course, the Twitterverse blew up. As far as I can tell not much of it has been favorable, let alone PG. Her royal highness has been showered with colorful expletives in multiple languages from a public not too fond of her new gig. Words such as “cunt,” “attention whore,” “suck,” and plenty of mention of her pornographic past abound. The girl must be made of steel.

As for the performance itself, well, try as I might to be impartial, it was not that good. Listen, as sad as it is, when it comes to big festivals like this, it’s understandable that part, if not most of a DJs set is prerecorded -you have a lot of money riding on these shows, they are multimillion dollar productions and it would suck if a CD were to start skipping mid set- but, when you need a sound technician to come up on stage to fix your levels for you, I think you can say this is beyond fake. I mean, she even took the liberty of introducing her new single, singing it from behind the decks as she enthusiastically waved her arms in the air and danced like a teeny bopper recently introduced to EDM. You know like the ones you see all the time now at the big clubs?

Unlike most industry insiders and fans of electronic dance music who cannot contain their distaste and disapproval of all the commercialism the scene is experiencing, I try to be a little more understanding. I tend to think that a lot of the new artists and music is a natural expansion of the genre; so what if it’s more radio friendly or that most of the new fans have no idea about the history of the music, it’s roots, or even who the artists behind their favorite tunes are and couldn’t care less. I even understand those joining the party just because they want to be cool and fit in, it’s human nature to do that, and besides, at the end of the nite, they really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things because they move on. In fact, maybe they’ve helped the scene a bit by contributing some money to it. Also remember, the creme always rises to the top. As long as everyone is having fun, it’s ok. Thing is, it’s also human nature to hate bandwagon jumpers and Paris Hilton has really taken it to new heights. In fact, I find it hard to bellieve that one would fail to understand why so many are hating on her right now.

So, what makes Paris Hilton different? She’s not a fan. She is a business. She is stepping into the arena solely on the strength of her name, cutting the line and skipping DJs that have put in years of dedication trying to get to that coveted spot. She is using up the spotlite that is currently focused on the scene while simultaneously accelerating its being turned off.

I’ve been DJing for over twenty years, and I still can barely take my eyes off the decks between songs since I’m constantly preparing, searching, and cuing the next track, and here is Paris, who just over a year ago revealed she was practicing to become a DJ, has time to prance around and sing with barely a glance at any of the decks. Notice in both videos how she focuses only on the mixer -and remember, she needed a sound tech to fix the levels on that for her too. Notice in the first video, after she introduces her song, she never hits the play button. All she does throughout the two videos posted below is “manipulate” the fx knobs. Deadmau5, who has an issue with DJs to begin with and says most of the big names out there are guilty of the same thing, says about Hilton’s new premier, “AS I WAS SAYING… its over.” When the fans and even the detractors are in agreememnt well, you have a problem.

Check the videos and tell us what do you think?

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