December 27, 2011
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Roland Clark will release a new EP on January 2, 2012 on Todd Terry’s label InHouse Records. The tittle “Roland’s Revelation” has special meaning to Clark “it’s about my direction and where I want to go in 2012” he said recently.

In this EP Roland displays a complete new musical side. All the tracks are a cross of deep, groovy and progressive, which results in a unique blend of House. Though I was advised not to discuss much about his “new direction for 2012,” I can tell you this, get ready for a totally intense Roland Clark and dope remixes by his alter ego.

This EP is a bridge that will connect the Roland that we all know and the new post Revelation Clark. The EP is filled with feelings, emotions and situations at different levels of life. An amazing compilation of stories played out in a perfect mixture of House rhythms.

We managed to catch up with Roland just before everyone dissappeared for the Holiday break and ask him a few questions about his new mysterious project. Without further ado, the legend, Roland Clark.

1200Dreams: The tittle of this EP is Roland’s Revelation?

Roland Clark: Yes it is.

1200Dreams: Does the tittle have a special meaning to you or is it just words?

Roland Clark: No it def has meaning…about my direction and where I want to go in 2012, my evolution as a music producer.

1200Dreams: How would you describe this compilation?

Roland Clark: There is no rhyme or reason to it, just a few tunes I thought deserving to be heard and something I wanted to share.

1200Dreams: Which track is your favorite?

Roland Clark: Superstar.

1200Dreams: That was a song originally by the Carpenters back in 1971?

Roland Clark: Yes, and also there was a ballad version later made by Luther Vandross.

1200Dreams: Your voice sounds amazing in this track and the instrumental intro is super sensual.

Roland Clark: Thank you. It’s deep as well as a bit progressive to me, it crosses lots of boundaries, like my different sound coming next year.

1200Dreams: My favorite track of this EP is” Roland’s Revelation (Alter Ego Remix)” for which you wrote and performed the lyrics, what can you tell us about this title track? The lyrics are amazing and the rhythm is irresistible, deep and dark but groovy.

Roland Clark: It’s all about the message that music can take us anywhere and through it we can forget everything, even if just for a moment, the world stops and all we hear, feel, and enjoy is House music. In this track the Alter Ego starts to wake up.

1200Dreams: Another one I really like is “We are the People”, though not your original track the way you mixed the speech with such a progressive sound is just genius.

Roland Clark: For years, I had this sermon by a Harlem preacher named Calvin Butts in my hard drive and it just worked. When I heard it I just thought it was right on because this sermon was long before the Housing boom crisis and I just wanted to share it.

1200Dreams: One of the tracks “First night of your life (RC Light Show Mix)” is number one on Traxsource essential progressive chart, congratulations, what’s the message behind this one?

Roland Clark: The tracks is about renewing yourself through music and leaving all your troubles behind for the night for the moment for the time being, and listening to the voice of House music telling you that through the love of house we can live happily.

1200Dreams: The new EP is amazing and I absolutely loved it. Your new sound is a unique fusion of House melodies, how do you come up with this?

Roland Clark: It’s not the same old follow the leader type groove. I don’t close any doors or shut any ideas when it comes to being creative; an open mind is the key.

Judging from the couple of extra unreleased previews that I’ve heard, Roland Clark will be sounding in the speakers of nightclubs and after hours around the world next year! Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long. Check out a track from the forthcoming album below and cop the full EP on Traxsource January 2, 2012.

Roland’s Revelation (RC Clarity Mix) by djrolandclark

Buy Roland’s Revelation here!