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The Harlem shake dance can be found everywhere, but it has nothing on what the Brazilians are up to.

Roland Clark has a few surprises in store, first of which is his upcoming EP, Roland’s Revelation. We managed to score an interview before its release and he unveils a special secret in 2012.

As a lil boy Pablo Fe wanted to be a DJ and asked his mother for equipment. She said on one condition, you play for me to. He hasn’t stopped since!

Various entertainment news websites have reported that Paris Hilton is training to become the “biggest female house Dj in the world”!! God help us all.

With his residencies, new album, and his day gig as an A&R man, we were fortunate to catch up with rising star, DJ John Castell, and ask him a few questions! Interview + mix in what we like to call a special DJ OF THE WEEK, extended version!

Roland Clark’s newest track “Go Back (RC Exodus Mix)” scheduled to be released June 14th, 2011 on Delete Records. Listen here!