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The word legend is thrown around so often, it’s sometimes hard to tell who really deserves it. Obviously, there are those who do deserve the title, and Chez Damier is one of those.

So you wanna be a DJ huh? Well, this is why you better be practicing

Theo Parrish brings the science of sound to the DJ booth and plays with our bodies. And we’re ok with that!

It’s that time of year again, when shops up and down Lexington, 5th, and Madison avenues in Manhattan close shop and head for the suburbs afraid of getting their stores ransacked by Puerto Rican’s!

Kyle Hall brings House, Dubstep, Funk, deep dark, broken beats and creates something way north of ordinary, yet pleasurable to the ears! Do yourself a favor and listen.

DJ Onionz truly is a DJ that lives, breathes, and eats music. In fact, he was born into it, for real! Check out our exclusive Q&A interview with the one and only DJ Onionz!

Josh Wink is a man of many faces, many styles, but one thing is for sure, he has one big spirit.

Like it or not, Dub Step is making moves. Get familiar.