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He’s a mysterious artist -graphic designer and electronic musician- from Berlin that you’ve probably never heard of, but he already has a Greatest hits comp out. Great time to get familiar.

The First Lady of Wax brings her talent, work ethic and experience from Detroit to the world.

Oscar P plays it Just like Music. That’s what he does best.

Detroit braces itself as Movement Electronic Music Festival announce Phase 1 for 2013!

Jeff “The Wizard” Mills:Detroit’s Techno Wizard talks hanging up his plaque. We say, since it ain’t broke, keep The Wizard in business.

From child prodigy to Superstar DJ and producer, Quentin Harris is a force to be reckoned with!

Inner City’s Kevin Saunderson and singer/songwriters Paris Grey and Ann Saunderson sit down for an in depth interview about their past, present, and ‘Future’.

Inner City is back with ‘Future’, their first entirely new material since parting company in 2001. We couldn’t be happier! Watch a special video and listen to two new remixes here!

Kyle Hall brings House, Dubstep, Funk, deep dark, broken beats and creates something way north of ordinary, yet pleasurable to the ears! Do yourself a favor and listen.

It’s not a joke, you read right, this weekend’s mix is called Techno Chicano. But don’t be fooled, Santiago Salazar brings it!