October 14, 2011


Without Disco, it’s quite possible there would be no House music, and for that matter all the genres that were born from the womb of House. Despite Disco’s contributions or maybe precisely because of them, it was all but banished from mainstream pop culture, even from the underground from where it originated. Thankfully, Disco has remerged over the last decade or so, regaining its place in pop culture as the new generations of party people have discovered and embraced its legacy and massive contributions to modern music. That being said, it’s still hard to hear it at a club for any significant amount of time, and even then it’s usually just some of the more recognizable hits being played, so it’s great when you hear a mix that really represents what Disco is all about without coming off cheesy; Dicky Trisco does this perfectly.

Dicky Trisco is one of the biggest names in the UK nu-disco and House scenes. DJ, producer, remixer, label head, one half of the group Boogie Corporation, Trisco has been a crucial part of the younger UK generations new found appreciation of Disco. You simply gotta get up on this! This is a funky white boy right here!

In case you’re wondering, like the great DJ he is, Trisco does more than just rehash 70’s era Disco classics. There is Funk and House of course, but he throws in more modern sounds as well, such as Electrofunk and Pop, and his own special DJ edits of classic and modern hits. Bottom line, and I don’t say this lightly, Dickey Trisco’s mixes will take you back, way back, then rip a hole through the time space continuim and send you rocketing off into the future somewhere. Yeah, he’s that good. Once you press play on the embedded mix, you will see, hear, feel what I mean. You better be ready to boogie on down, cuz it’s gona get hot in here!

Dicky Trisco Soundcloud Mix by Dicky Trisco




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