One look at 1200Dreams and it’s easy to tell there has been a drastic drop in content lately. Part of it is due to it being summer, and frankly sometimes I opt to spend time with my family instead of on a computer. Who can blame me, right? Still, I have put a lot of sweat and tears into this site and I pride myself on keeping the sites content as fresh as I possibly can and I get upset when there isn’t a constant stream of fresh content.

I remember back to when I was introduced to the internet. It was 1996 and though I had never seen a website I understood it immediately. Having dreamt of working for a magazine, I knew that this medium would depend on not just pictures (video was too far out a concept for me) but the written word. That first introduction happened to be an interview. It was an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting endeavor, albeit one with no promise of riches at the end of the rainbow. The net was so new, we didn’t even know what success would look like anyway. And it would be for no pay.

No promises of success and no pay? Of course I jumped at the chance. That website, LatinFlava.com, would go on to be acquired by UBO, headed up by the late great George Jackson at the very start of the first dot com boom. We went from a small team of a handful of individuals to a crew of nearly 20 people, all operating under the even bigger umbrella that was UBO and consisted of upwards of 250 more eager and happy souls!

Despite all the money and the technology we had at our disposal in our awesome midtown offices, these days I have the capabilities of doing more from my laptop, while wearing pajamas, and sipping on a glass of wine. The internet is much faster too. I mean I can post videos (and you can watch them) faster and much more easily than we could post jpg’s back then. But you know what is not as good? The people knocking on your door clamoring to be a part of your team.

Back then, I had my own intern. These days, you’d be lucky if you could get someone who is already blogging to share their content (despite the fact it helps their SEO rankings). Fact is, these days everyone is their own entity, their own CEO, their own self sufficient network, or they aspire to be (like I do), so the need or desire to work with or for others, especially for no pay, is a foreign if not blasphemous concept, to say the least.

All that to say, I apologize feel bad for the lack of content on 1200Dreams lately, but I can’t apologize for living (as my one true fellow writer was kind enough to remind me). As soon as summer begins to cool off and things settle down at my new job, and I can rangle the few other team members back from their summer and/or projects, you can be sure we’ll be back to posting much more regularly. Of course, if you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the team, feel free to come knocking.

In the meantime, let’s just all enjoy our summer guilt free and enjoy some beautiful House music, and more, together. Bet?