Valentine’s day is over, you say? Wrong. The real lovers out there know, the big day is only the beginning, especially with a full three day weekend ahead. I mean, you do know what comes after lovemaking, right? Fucking! And if you played your cards right, it could end up being an all indoors type of weekend! You did play your cards right, right? If you fall into this category and you plan on soiling every corner of your house, and any other spot that won’t get you arrested, then we got you covered.

Following are four awesome mixes representing four stages of the porn inspired, sexual escapades you’ll be experiencing this weekend. This folks, is your soundtrack.

First, we make sure your girl gets all those party jams she loves so much with DJ NIC-D’s party anthem monster mix. Next up, we have DEJA from NYC who brings in the sexy House vibes which will start getting you into that sensual mood needed to fuel the activities ahead. Once your libido has been aroused, we have a mix titled Sextape from Belgium DJ KLIN. Make sure to delete the tapes afterwards (or email them to me). Finally, we have DJ SHAUN from Germany, and living up to what we hear about them crazy German’s, his set is all about getting down and dirty.

I told you, we gotchu covered. So, press play, keep that vibe of love strong, the smell of sex in the air, and the bed rocking till the cops come knocking. Or if you fall into that other category, you know the one’s who didn’t play their cards right, you could just download them and enjoy them as you run errands and shit. It’s on you lover boys and girls.

Dominic Beetz

Erlangen, Germany



Dj Klin

Brussels, Belgium


UK West midlands, Britain