August 7, 2014 Share


We’re smack in the middle of Summer; some of us are hot, some of us are bothered (I’m personally bothered because it hasn’t been hot enough, but I digress), either way most of us have been in full party mode for some time now and might be feeling a lil tired. Perhaps you’re tired of going to the same clubs or maybe, just maybe you think the music is growing stale. Well, whatever the case, you don’t want to sit around while the summer slips away, you have the power to make changes, right?! Go get your towel and the sunblock and hit that beach; get that blanket and a basket full of goodies and go for a picnic in the park; how about that waterpark or maybe some camping? The choices are endless, just pick your adventure and go. As for the music, well, we’ll take care of that!

Following are three mixes you can pump while you head out on your trip! Keeping with the theme here (you have noticed the theme, right) these mixes represent something different from what you might be used to. These three mixes coming in at over four hours baby, are not your average fare; you know, the type of music you definitely won’t hear on the radio.

We’re leaning heavily on the Dubstep this weekend, though you’ll catch a few other flavors in there. The first mix is from Stylust Beats. This ish is full of Hip Hop laden Dubstep, Trap, and plenty of sick beats! We follow that up with an all female vocal Dubstep mix by Chillout Bear. This is a fun mix and serves to remind us that our sisters need to be recognized much more! Lastly, we have Morfeo with a mix that is laid back and high energy at the same time, but definitely a great mix to suck you into the deep and high energy world of Dubstep.

Ok, let me stop taking up valuable time, just press play or download and go prepare for your next adventure.

Morfeo Sounds Presents

Dubstep Cocktail Molotov 2014

Chillout Bear

Best of Female Vocal Dubstep Mix 2014


THE POCKET TAPE (Presented By Grassroots California)