WeekendMix 824.12: SUMMER BREAK

As much as I love Summer, and I’m sure many of you agree, come late August, it’s hard not to feel a lil’ tired, beat up even. The parties, the BBQ’s, the eating, the drinking, the traveling, the eating, more drinking, it can take a toll on you. Which is why sometimes I like to turn it down a notch, ok a few notches, and listen to something a lil’ more laidback; that I can bob my head to without my ears ringing afterwards; great music for a quiet nite at home, a dinner party perhaps; you get the picture.

Truth be told, taking it easy this weekend serves a dual purpose for me. See, I need the break but, next week is my birthday so, this is kind of the calm before the storm, before I kick it up again, one last foray before Summer ends and things begin to.slow.down.again. So, will you join me and listen to some chill groovy tunes? Great. Let’s go!

Hidden in my mind..


Milan, Italy Things that make you go smooth..

Rob Le-nan (Groove Street Radio)

Dublin, Ireland