In this day and age of hyper-connectivity anything one does in front of a camera can make them famous or infamous; whether they like it or not! Ultimately time decides which one you’ll be branded with, but we’re betting Antoine Dodson is aiming for the former.

It all started when an intruder climbed into an apartment, right into the room of a young girl and tried to force himself upon her. Thankfully, her brother Antoine Dodson hears the commotion, manages to stop the unthinkable from happening to his sister, and chases the criminal away.

After the horrific ordeal, a news crew showed up, Dodson was interviewed, and his emotional and let’s say “colorful” responses found its way online. Now, Dodson is an Internet star. Of course, none of this would be news on 1200Dreams if there wasn’t a musical component to it, and that’s just where all this is leading, I swear.

See, you know you have made it, when your song, or in this case, your life, has been remixed, and that is just what a clever group called, The Gregory Brothers did. I’m not going to go too deep into the history of these guys (I’ve spent enough time on this story as it is), but apparently they’re the ones that took the clip of Mr. Dodson’s now million plus viewed video, added some beats to it and made it into a full-fledged song! The song is not bad either, in fact, the song was released on iTunes and lo and behold, it just cracked the Billboard Top 100 coming in at #89!!

And just in case you’re wondering, Dodson and his family are making some money from the sale of the song, actually, they’re capitalizing from almost everything associated to the original incident. It’s reported he’s making 50% of the royalties of the song. He is also selling t-shirts emblazoned with his image and now iconic sayings for sale at a whopping $19.95, he has his own website, covers of the song from real semi-famous people, and oh yes, there are reports of it being played at “real” clubs by “real” dj’s. Last but not least, Dodson is crossing over to the granddaddy of all media, television. Dodson and his sister were on The Today Show (NBC), just this morning! Talk about turning lemons to lemonaid!

No word on whether the “rapist” has been caught, but maybe he’ll come out with his own remix. Hey, you never know, it is the Internet after all.

Bed Intruder Song – iTunes Version