The 2010 Ibiza party season is just about wrapped up, but for Defected Records, one of the most prolific labels out there and the host of some of the hottest parties on the island, it’s not over yet!

Since he first discovered House, Carlos Sosa has been on the move. Little did he know that his path would lead him to the top of House music stardom, as the one and only DJ Sneak.

We will never forget is not just a catchy motto on a bumper sticker in reference to 9/11, it is a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean, we can’t dance.

Pioneer doesn’t want you to forget, they’ve been providing DJ’s and music lovers top notch gear for years. Their new HDJ-500’s are ready to impress your eyes and your ears.

On this Labor Day holiday, we are featuring a DJ that has been working it for over 20 years. Get ready to punch the clock.

Every job has a downside to it. There’s always that ONE person who makes your job a little bit harder to do, right? Well, DJs are no exception!