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5 years Deeper Shades Recordings offers a label retrospective taken into the present and future through inclusion of previously unreleased remixes and originals.

King Casamena gives ‘Majestic’ the red carpet treatment with remixes by Osunlade, Ezel, Sobz, Zulumafia and Dikmal.

Carlos Mena blazes a path through a richly diverse background from poetry to hip hop to batá rhythms to House, leaving no rhythm unturned.

National Poetry Month (NaPoMo) celebrates a different type of Underground art form. 30 days and 30 ways to expand your horizons and understanding of Poetry

Let Osunlade and company lift your spirits, with latest single, Corazon Roto.

Nick Curly’s Piano In The Dark EP get more of the remix treatment, and we couldn’t be happier.

Osunlade comes to the rescue with a mix that is just perfect for many reasons.

Is he a singer or a rapper, a songwriter, a producer or a DJ? All you really need to know about this week’s DJ of the Week, Ghostpoet, is that he is unclassifiable.

Say it aint so! Osunlade is sticking to his promise that he will never make another House music album again. Read the incredible interview in which he discusses why, and what he has planned next!

Franky Rizardo is more than ready for the season with new EP and mixed compilation. Listen to previews of both here!