September 6, 2010


Moby is possibly just as famous for his supposedly eccentric ways as for his genius work. Is there really anything eccentric about being a Vegan, a committed Christian, and an animal rights protector? I don’t think so, as for his music, well, now you’re talking.

As a young man, Moby had already been in a few bands and released an EP “Hit Squad for God” with the Vatican Commandoes. Then he discovered Electronic Dance music. He began his professional DJ career back in the 80’s, his first DJ gig was spinning at The Beat in Portchester, New York, and in only a few short years he was DJing at New York hot spots such as MK, Red Zone, Mars, and the Palladium.

In 1989, after moving to New York permanently, he teams up with Jimmy Mack and releases the single “Time’s Up”. A year later, he releases “Mobility” with an early version of “Go” on the flipside and follows that up with “Go (Woodtick mix)”, “Voodoo child”, and “Mindstorm/Brainstorm”, in 1991. This same year, he releases the album that brought him to the world’s attention, “Go”. Moby hasn’t stopped since.

The next few years saw Moby traveling with various bands while continuing to release singles such as “Next Is The E”, “All That I Need Is To Be Loved”, “Thousand” and the album “Ambient”, then came his seminal work, “Everything is Wrong”. SPIN Magazine named it Album of the Year, and it went on to define the Electronic music of the late 90’s with tracks such as “Feeling So Real”, Anthem”, Everytime You Touch Me”, and more.

As happens to many big stars, Moby’s fame began to work against him. Many claimed that he sold out when he appeared on the MTV music Awards pimped out in an all Gold ensemble, and his outspoken beliefs didn’t help matters either. But Moby, is not your average Superstar DJ. Following the massive success he had in the late 90’s and early 00’s he has not been as visible on the scene, yet, that just might be the way he likes it. He’s released more critically acclaimed albums since, most notably “18” and “Last Night”, and continues to travel the world and perform in front of sellout crowds.

Though he does use his fame for his noteworthy causes, Moby does not actively seek out the spotlite and in fact, you can catch him walking the streets of New York, alone, just like he did way back when he was looking for his big break. Let see other sellout artists do that?






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