A Match Made In House (Music)
December 6, 2011
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A Match Made In House (Music)

As we begin celebrations for the holiday season, thoughts of family and friends take precedence over pretty much everything else. Weddings, which are usually reserved for Spring or Summer, take on a nuance of their own. The feeling of family bonds is stronger, the romance seems more poignant.

Perhaps it’s the change of season, the sudden feeling of “oneness” in the air. The pairing of hearts is especially beautiful in the light of that feeling of unity in the universe. When I first saw the invite for “Amalgamate” I thought, how appropriate. A union of hearts, minds, spirits and bodies… and it all started with House Music.

There is something to be said about finding the right dance partner. The vibe between two people on the floor is a world all its own. It creates a union that rises and falls on the beat, a give and take that is rarely found with the same cohesiveness anywhere else. Such is the union between Perez Massimo (Liberation 918) and Amnel Holguin.

In today’s world, where our mobile devices are simply an extention of our fingertips and interaction between people can be summed up in Text-speak on online dating sites, instant messenger or chat, it’s beautiful to watch a relationship bypass that route and start with face to face time. House music played match maker, and rhythm courted them from first steps to walking down the aisle.

The wedding itself was a lovely intimate affair held at the Hudson River Cafe, with close family and friends. The bride brilliant in her wedding gown and the groom resplendent in his tuxedo. The reception followed with the prerequisite dances, food, toasts and throwing of the bouquet. The best wedding I’ve attended to date.

The event didn’t stop there. In true House fashion, the newlyweds opened up to the public to partake of the joy of their union, complete with such DJ heavy hitters as Oscar Poche (Media Services NYC/Open Bar Music), Davidson Ospina (Ospina Music Productions), Dave K Pappa(Are you Afro?) and Rubi R Tres (Rendezvous NYC / Dirty Blonde) and live performances. Sharing the dance card was the featured artist, MJ White (Well of Love). I was honored to perform at Amalgamate as well.

House music went well into the night, each DJ bringing a different nuance to the party. There was something for everyone, even romantics like me. JustinJustin Toca, along with the Ale Ale Drummers, rounded out the festivities with live drummers and Samba dancers.

As we carry on with our daily lives, it’s moments like these that remind us of what’s truly important: Family, friends, love and mixing that all together to make one Mother of a party.

To the newlyweds, may the rhythm of your song carry on through sickness and health, for richer or poorer and on and on.

With all this love in the air, allow me to share a few tunes from some of the talent on display on this beautiful nite.

Oscar P vs Moba Sound – Voices (Oscar P & C Scott remix) by openbarmusic Davidson Ospina “Delight” (Main Mix) by Ospina Digital Records Dave K Pappa – Talkin’ bout The Ghetto (Original Break Mix) by dave-k Mj white RULE THE WORLD by mj white