Martinez Brothers Going Commercial – Blackberry Going Bust?

Martinez Brothers Going Commercial – Blackberry Going Bust?

As their mentor Dennis Ferrer is being ousted for not being commercial enough, the Martinez Brothers are enjoying some mainstream attention. The irony of this flip is too good to be ignored. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this almost smells like a publicity campaign to bring attention to the Dance Music industry for the upcoming Winter Music Conference. As quickly as this world moves, as focus wains from one, BAM!, Dennis Ferrer is in the news…. Interesting, ne c’est pas? For more about Dennis’ issue click here.

If the Martinez Brothers had been asked in 2006 where they thought they would be 6 years in the future, do you think they would have answered “in a Blackberry commercial”? Neither do I.

But, here we are and there they go. Advocates for Blackberry, specifically the Blackberry Bold, the Martinez Brothers (Chris and Steve) tell of how wonderful the Blackberry device is while they travel all over the world. Two industries that are at odds in many areas seem to have found common ground. Music and technology have been at one another’s throats since the inception of the MP3, digital downloads and file sharing. It’s been a tenuous tightrope for producers, artists, labels and promoters, as well as law makers and consumers.

In December 2011 it was suggested that RIM ditch the Blackberry due to poor quarterly results, disappointing delays in new equipment releases, and strides made by Apple iPhone and the Google’s Android system. They hoped revamping the current Blackberry operating sytem to QXN in order to compete with the iPhone iOS and Google’s Android platform and the emerging Miscrosoft OS would revitalize Blackberry. However, delays in releasing the new OSseem to have put another nail in the BBs case.

So, what’s the next best thing to breathe life into a rapidly dying corporate icon? Fresh faces to reach the new generation of technology consumers in the hip and vibrant world of music. Doesn’t hurt that the genre they represent is Dance music, which is all the rage right now. Savvy on the part of RIM, if you ask this music and technology lover. In 30 seconds RIM managed to turn Blackberry from a corporate durge into the “thing” to have if you want to be ahead of the game.

Will it save the Blackberry? Probably not; RIM is hemmoraging in more than one area for this gimmick to really catch on. Will it take the Martinez Brothers to new heights? Most likely. They’ve gone from being the DJs too young to attend the parties they play at to being in the face of every American; no longer underground, they are now mainstream.

So, go commercial the Martinez Brothers did. Go bust? Well, 2012 will likely see the start of phazing out of the Blackberry.

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