Artist Spotlite: Pablo Fe
October 18, 2011
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Artist Spotlite: Pablo Fe

Miami is a very diverse city; living here is amazing because you get to meet people from all over the world. Which is why House music, a huge part of our night life, is infused with such an international flavor. Tracks are produced regularly and the style of House is very unique, and one of the names to look out for in this rich environement is Pablo Fe.

Pablo Fe was born in New York from a Colombian father and a Dominican mother and eventually moved to Miami, where he currently resides. Pablo fell in love with House at the age of 14 when he heard Todd Terry’s classic track “Bango” but the day he heard Little Louie Vega spin was the day he knew he wanted to become a DJ.

Pablo Fe begged his mother for gear and she agreed to purchase it for him under the condition that he play Disco and Latin music once a month for her friends. He approved and ended up getting a set of Gemini speakers and amplifier with a battle mixer. The only thing missing were the turntables, so Pablo worked nonstop until he saved enough to purchase a pair of the legendary Technics 1200 – which he describes as his first true love.

Turns out his mothers request had a lasting impact on the young Pablo. Playing Latin music has influenced him when creating his own tracks and Disco has helped him to relate to the birth of House which ultimately directed his musical path.

You can hear all these infuences in his music. One of his latest productions is “Tanguito” released on Hard Disko Records this past September. This track is a great example of the fusion of House and Latin sounds, in this case Tango, that Pablo’s grandmother requested he play. Check out Tanguito here and see you in Miami!!


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