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Listen to Michael Jackson’s new song, Love Never Felt So Good!

We sit down with DJ, producer, and musician extraordinaire Scott Wozniak to talk House, the scene, and the Kickstarter campaign to fund his first solo effort in this exclusive interview.

For over a decade now, the Netherlands have been known in the world of dance music for its massive output of all things Trance. That is all beginning to change now as it has become a hotbed for hard hitting house music as of late; and leading the charge is DJ Chuckie.

South Africa duo Black Motion dare remix Michael Jackson’s Thriller resulting in well, thrilling results!

DJ Spen, a House master extraordinaire within arms reach. If you’re a House head.

Despite having a name that suggest he hails from beyond the Welsh borders, David Jones is in fact Italian; but it doesn’t matter cuz his sound is world-wide. Check the interview here!

Roger Sanchez has been blazing a path in the world of Dance music as one of its premier DJ’s for over a decade. Now, he’s about to take the dance world to an entirely new dimension. For real.

The first post WMC Weekend Mix and we are going far from the House music that took center stage in the Miami clubs. Electro is the name of the game, and we’re ready to play. Let’s go!!

From Brooklyn to world domination, David Morales is one of the true hardcore DJ’s in the booth and the world, and one of, if not the first Superstar DJ, ever.

I love Micheal Jackson. Yeah, I said it. But, there was a time that wasn’t always easy to say. Millions love him, millions hate him, millions more have likely done both. Here’s my story.