DJ Rig for iPad, so easy everyone can now truly be a DJ. But don’t worry real DJs, you can’t replace real talent or skill. We hope!

Pioneer unveils the CDJ-2000nexus — the industry’s first multiplayer to be compatible with rekordbox™ DJ software on smartphones and tablets.

Pioneer sure aint playing lately, but they sure are allowing us to play even more and anywhere we want with their new Rekordbox app!

Pioneer CDJ-2000 firmware update has been released. Get it now.

Ever been using your controller and thought, “Man, I’d like to switch these buttons around more to my liking?” Well, if so, this just might be the controller for you.

Serato celebrates the launch of Serato Video with new Icon Artist Series featuring the legendary Fatboy Slim!

It’s not slated to drop til May 15th, and with videos like this featuring DJ Shiftee tearing it up and the added and much welcomed surprise of Greg Nice on the m.i.c, May seems like a lifetime away!

Cool new project promises to be an eye catcher, bringing DJs attention back to the decks and away from the laptop!

Behringer changes everything with their new family of DJ controllers. Get your wallets ready!

It’s only day one of NAMM and already we have been blessed with some other worldly goodness! Check out our day one round up of some of the hottest unveiling’s circulating the net!