I don’t want to stoke any fires, but the “Real” DJs versus “Digital DJs” war is bout to heat up! The future of real iOS DJing is here with iRig Mix!

NAMM isn’t even here yet and Serato is already handing out goodies! ITCH 2.1 is out now!

NAMM is coming, NAMM is coming! But you don’t have to wait to get a sneak peek at what is coming down the pipeline. Fasten your seat belts!

Don’t call it a comeback, actually, scratch that, call it a resurrection. AVID is bringing back the MPC!

The Lemur controller is a legendary multi-touch controller that had a short life, but now it’s back as an iOS app and priced within reach! Read, watch, then buy, here!

The iPhone 4s brings you Siri, the feminine voiced AI. She toys with the meaning of life, but how does she hold up on the dance floor?

This just in, the DJs of tomorrow will no longer even have to touch the turntables! Hercules’ DJ Control AIR potentially gives a whole new meaning to throw your hands in the air!

Vestax is making massive inroads on the dj controller front with the VCI-400, a unit that has a small imprint but deals a big punch!

Serato quietly releases their much anticipated ITCH 2.0 DJ software. Time to make some noise!