Crookers Set To Release New Album – Watch First Video Here [VIDEO]
October 24, 2011
KellyMiller33 (48 articles)

Crookers Set To Release New Album – Watch First Video Here [VIDEO]

Known for their funky club tracks and remixes such as Kid Cudi’s Day & Night (video link), Crookers will be releasing their second studio album Dr. Gonzo, this Thursday.

In their press release, the Crookers describe their new album with the Italian word “accrochio” which roughly translated, means “kludge” (or kluge). The press release goes on to say “kludge is a quick-and-dirty solution, a clumsy, yet effective, way to solve a problem, using parts that are cobbled together. This new album is a combination of completely unrelated and random ideas that came together to produce a different kind of dance music…”

Their new single, Hummus, is a great example of this “kludge”. It has some very random sounds that make it sound really strange, but the combination of it all gets your head bobbin’ and ready to party! You can hear Hummus below. The video is uhh.. well… strange. I guess some people just have a thing for Hummus…..but you check it out for yourself. Make sure to get your copy of Dr. Gonzo on October 27th. Enjoy!

Crookers: Dr Gonzo by Southern Fried Records




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