July 5, 2010
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Dance Ritual’s, 4thannual New York City Boat Ride, Summer Madness IV was the most perfect, off the hook party full of bass beats, stars, cigars, smiling faces, and beautiful places one can have on a boat! About 200 happy people enjoyed the Circle Line for 4 perfect hours while DJ Little Louie spun records with all his heart and soul. He went off with such passion, as he always does when he plays, you just knew he was feeling every little hit, edit, and beat thru every song, throughout the whole night! And he made sure everyone else felt it too.

The crowd danced all night in the open air, shakin thier bodies to the beats of smokin, deep soulful house, and later on some old school jams that really got the crowd moving. There were congeros playin alongside Louie at some points, only adding to the beaty of it all. The boat literally rocked and got the crowd swaying from side to side! While the crowd swayed all together, everyone laughed, and kept dancing while making some new fly dance moves! At one point while passing under one of the bridges, Louie played “Numbers” by Kraftwerk, everyone on that boat was counting in German from 1-8 and loving it madly!

The crowd was full of loyal and talented dancers as well, old school Wepa guys “Da Le Webo” and, of course, all the beautiful loving House heads. Dance Ritual was a love thang and a familia thang! There were even Vega family members on board too (shout out to Louie’s mom)! Mother Nature was groovin too as the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Little Louie got on the mic and let us all know that he’s been going around the world for 25 years, but that this is where it all comes from, NYC baby!!

Dance Ritual is summer madness and summer love atits best and is an event that should never be missed for you true House heads out there. I know yours truly never will.


In case my words are not enough, here are some visuals of my wonderful time enjoying Louie Vega rock the boat, literally.




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