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My family is coming to town. You know it as the Puerto Rican day parade.

New York’s a tough city in more ways than one, evident in the resilient residents including much of NYC’s underground arts community recovering from Hurricane Sandy and another Nor’easter. Yes, Club Kids really care in the city that never sleeps.

Poet, writer, songwriter, producer, DJ, Ian Friday can be defined by all of the above, but the fact is, he is so much more.

This WeekendMix features a previous DJOTW featured DJ teaming up with another equally as out of this world, Sleazy McQueen and Atnarko. Believe me, yo need some of this.

Heat up your winter blues with this hot new single “La Libertad” by highly talented Spanish singer, musician, and producer Pablo Fierro!

Camp Bisco is having some of the most talented artists and DJs perform at their three day festival but that’s not the only reason you will not want to miss it.

Louie Vega’s annual Dance Ritual boat party was this past Friday. You missed it? Ah, poor you. I didn’t. Want to hear about it? Read more here.