Timmy Regisford drops new single. Get a sneak peek here

Louie Vega’s annual Dance Ritual boat party was this past Friday. You missed it? Ah, poor you. I didn’t. Want to hear about it? Read more here.

In May, the streets of New York are going to be turned into a mega dance floor as The New York Dance Parade hits Broadway! Get your dancing shoes, and don’t worry, you can’t get arrested!

Ever recall an old fav on the dance floor and wish some superstar DJ or big time producer remixed it, reworked it, and put it on blast on the dance floors, again? This writer did. Find out what classic dance floor thumper has her all up in a tizzy!

To all DJ’s going to Miami for WMC, heads up! Here’s your chance to be Paul Van Dyk’s opening DJ act during the Vandit Records 10 yr anniversary party! Ready, set, record!