January 21, 2013


Growing up in Windsor, Ontario Canada, the DJ now known simply as Heidi was inspired by a lot of the music coming from the mighty neighbor to the south. One genre in particular however moved her more than the others. House music (and Techno – ok, so, it was two) moved Heidi so much she decided early in her life that she didn’t just want to be a passive fan. She wanted to contribute, create, and be part of the scene. So, in the year 2000 she moved to London.

Heidi immediately scored a gig at a very popular record shop called Koobla Records. The shop ended up going bust but not before some of the staff, including Heidi opened up an even bigger shop called Phonica. Heidi widened her knowledge and experience of the UK scene during this time, as well as her skill as a DJ. It wasn’t long before the scene took notice of her. As luck would have it, when the opportunity came looking in 2003, it was none other than the legendary Get Physical records.

Heidi immediately began to rock crowds first in Berlin and has since rocked crowds everywhere from Europe to South America and every continent in between. In 2009, she started her own Jackathon parties which she took globally as well. The parties were so successful, it resulted in the 2011 compilation album titled Heidi Presents The Jackathon featuring the likes of Soul Clap, Derrick Carter, Jaime Jones, Anja Schneider, Solomun, and many other notable names from the underground. The album spawned a sub label of the same name and in 2012, Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams released an EP featuring Maya Jane Coles and Miss Kittin, two of the sickest females in the game today.

Just in case there happens to be a corner of the world she hasn’t visited physically, then you can bet her voice has. See, back in 2008, Heidi had caught the attention of some very bigwigs of the scene and was invited to host her own show on BBC Radio titled ‘In New DJs We Trust.’ She continues to bless the airwaves with her latest show titled ‘Radio 1’s Residency’ on Thursday nights.

All this talk about Heidi’s accomplishments is great, but what really matters is her presence behind the decks. Heidi has a keen ability to be able to pick the right song at the right time and work a crowd. One could say it was her years working at records shops, and of course that would help anyone who is serious, but listen closely and you’ll soon realize the real reason. Heidi has a love for the music that runs deep, it is why she moved halfway around the world, and why she has been moving the world ever since.




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