DJ OF THE WEEK 2.15.10: AK1200
February 16, 2010

DJ OF THE WEEK 2.15.10: AK1200

I was first introduced to AK1200 back in 97, by a House head who simply said as he was handing me the CD, “this is some ill sh!t”. He promptly followed that statement with “and I want my CD back!” Well, the album was Fully Automatic and as it turns out, the first by a relatively new (at the time) DJ named, AK1200. Recently, one of my Twitter pals turned me back on to AK1200, his CD long digitized and uploaded to my collection, but unheard in quite a while. I went digging through my digital crates for that first album and looking for some of his latest work online. Well, what my friend said all those years ago still holds up, Ak1200 brings some “ill sh!t”!

AK1200 is Dave Minner, a straight in your face, no holds barred, unrelenting Drum n’ Bass and Jungle DJ and producer from Orlando, Florida! He pieces together the frenzied beats of Drum n’ Bass and Jungle into a high-energy symphonic concoction of beats, breaks, and riddim that will send you soaring.

As a DJ he has toured the world and worked with big names such as Aphrodite, MC Navigator, and even Hip Hop acts such as A Tribe Called Quest. He has also helped publish a U.S based magazine for Jungle heads called Junglized, and in 2009 launched his own record label, Big Riddim.

AK1200 brings it hard and is not for the faint of heart. So, if you like it hardcore, AK1200 is your man. If not, step out of the way, cuz this man is coming through, and if his DJ skill is any indication, he will not be stopped.

As for my friend, he never did get his CD back.




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