Perform a search on Max Vangeli and you will find plenty of mixes, but not much on the man himself. You will learn that he was born in the nation of Moldova located in Eastern Europe and moved to the states as a young man, landing in San Fransisco, where he enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). You will also learn he quickly made a name for himself hosting a weekly party called “Studio 54” that was a hit among his fellow UCSB campus and ultimately lead to his discovery by Pete Tong.

Vangeli was signed to Chris Lake’s Rising Music record label in 2008 and quickly began work on his first EP titled, ‘Crazed’ and just like his college party it was a hit. He followed that up with more top productions such as the massive big beat ‘Fender Bender’ on Armada Records and his work with Digital Lab most notably ‘Your Love’ with Simone Denny on vocals and ‘Agua Kai,’ on Sugar Sugar Recordings and Dumb Recordings respectively, we can’t leave out remix of Pendulum’s ‘The Island’, and of course, his massive 2010 hit ‘Swedish Beauty’. And to think, we’re just witnessing the beginning of Vangeli’s career.

Vangeli’s latest single, “People of the Night” the first from his upcoming debut album dropped earlier this year at the Winter Music Conference to much deserved hype. The album itself promises to elevate Vangeli’s status even more; set to drop this year it will feature some massive collaborators; the first to be confirmed is Steve Angello from Swedish House Mafia! How do you follow that up?!

Vangeli has consistently remained busy in the studio, whether it’s continuing to churn out hit remixes or working on his own hits; he has also remained busy on the road, aside from his residency at San Fransisco’s Ruby Skye, Vangeli is consistently spinning in the biggest venues throughout Europe and North America. Fact is, no place is safe from the rising star.

Which leads us to my original point, and that is, what can’t you find out about Vangeli online? Naturally, it’s what the future holds for this rising star. What exactly is in store, is anybodies, guess, but if he stays on his current path, we’re sure it is going to be, yep, you guessed it, massive! Bet you can’t find that on Google, yet.