September 4, 2011


There are so called DJs that simply spin records, or better yet, let their computers spin it for them, then there are the real DJs that study not only the music, but the culture and its history. Lastly, there is another kind of DJ, the one that is equal parts DJ equal parts musician, and yet, something more.

Danilo Plessow also known as Motor City Drum Ensemble is this kind of DJ. Danilo Plessow was born in Stuttgart, Germany, the home town of both Mercedes and Porsche, hence his artistic moniker. Of course, if you are familiar with Plessow and his work, you are undoubtedly aware that his name is more of a reference to the motor city on our own chores, than to the main export of his home town.

See, Plessow who is just a quarter of a century old was not your typical kid growing up. As a young boy, and we mean 6 years young, he began playing the drums. This lead to a love and appreciation for Soul and Jazz, particularly from the 60’s and 70’s, when Detroit’s influence was at its peak. But this is just the beginning.

By the time Plessow was 10, he had discovered Hip Hop, and here as well his tastes leaned towards the classics from before his time. Pete Rock, Nas, De La Soul, and Tribe Called Quest, served as his inspiration and soon he was more than just tinkering with music software and consumer grade equipment, he was putting out his own productions. All this before he ever stepped foot inside a real club with a real DJ. Once he did however, at the ripe old age of 15, his future seemed to become much more clear and he set out to master the craft behind the decks as well. Add a very open mind and a great ear for melodies, Plessow brought it all together in his music and sets, and now is one of the most revered producer/DJs in the scene.

You would think that at only 25 years old, the above description would more or less give the reader a round about intro to Plessow and we could get right to the music, but like I said in the beginning, he is more than just your average DJ.

Plessow’s knowledge of Electronic music is deep, as is his knowledge and appreciation for Jazz and Soul, and Hip Hop, music structure, theory, even the very science of it. You can read about Plessow all you want, you can even listen to his productions, and his sets, but you’ll always be left feeling like you’re only just getting to know him; he is that deep. That being said, we present the following two part mix of Plessow aka Motor City Ensemble and invite you to try to get familiar with him yourself, or maybe you can just learn about the motor cities. Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the ride.

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Kleine Melodie Podcast – August 2011 – Part 1

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Kleine Melodie Podcast – August 2011 – Part 2




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