NEW MUSIC: Get Lost In Still Water From Rocco
April 29, 2014

NEW MUSIC: Get Lost In Still Water From Rocco

There is a moment on the dance floor, usually late in the nite, where you find yourself wrapped warmly in the embrace of a sweet groove, encompassed in your own cacoon of sound, the world non existent, and you non existent to the world, and you wish it could stay that way. To get there, all you need is the right track. ‘Still Water’ by Rocco Rodamaal from Lyon, France is the right track.

There are three remixes, one from none other than Lars Behrenroth. All of them have the power to whisk you away.

Keep an ear out for Rocco as he is making major moves, all of which you can find yourself enveloped in on the dance floor.

Out now on on Traxsource!




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