NEW MUSIC: Graham Knox Frazier's Robot Love EP Will Serve You Quality House Music

NEW MUSIC: Graham Knox Frazier's Robot Love EP Will Serve You Quality House Music

When I first heard Graham Knox Frazier’s ‘Robot Love’ from his soon to be released EP of the same name, I thought to myself, this silky sweet house number must be coming from Europe somewhere, perhaps some obscure German DJ. Imagine my surprise when I learn that he is not only from the states, but from my own backyard?

It’s not that we here in the states can’t produce this type of quality goodness, it’s just that our sound right now is so in your face and hard, meant to shake clubs off their foundations, while ‘Robot Love’ is so sublime, so sweet sounding you want to be enveloped by your headphones as if they were a cocoon of sorts. And it only gets better with the other tracks on this 4 track masterpiece.

‘Stamina Da Dia’ is more akin to the hard, EDM sounds we love in our big rooms, yet even with the edgy synths and female vocals it still has a silky smooth quality about it.

‘Not Gonna Lie’ does the same albeit with a slightly harder and more driving beat layered with subtle synths and an alluring and sensuous female vocal, all the while that same smoothness rides the track throughout keeping you hooked.

Finally, there is ‘Lost Our Way’. This track will go over very well in the big room EDM scene: driving beat. Captivating female vocals. Plenty of synths. And yet, yes, you guessed it, it’s silky smooth.

Much like a lot of the sounds that come out of Europe, you know the ones you can’t tell are Tech house or deep house, Robot Love has mass appeal. Pointless genre classifications aside however there is no doubt about it, this EP is house music. And it’s from a New Yorker. Why haven’t I met this guy?

Make sure to pick this up once it drops on July 1st. In the meantime, listen for free and feel that silky smoothness for yourself.

Robot Love

Stamina Da Dia

Not Gonna Lie

Lost Our Way

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