Tag "Aeroplane"

On this Columbus Day we honor Brazilian DJ/producer powerhouse Rafael Araujo. Take that Columbus!

Aeroplane is just a fancy word for airplane, unless you’re talking about the one man band consisting of Vito De Luca, in which case you’re talking about fancy music, and then some.

Stephan Fasano aka The Magician does not actually perform magic tricks while DJing, unless of course spinning beautifully selected tunes is trickery, in which case, you better be ready to fall under his spell.

Simone Dunmore. Familiar with the name? Yeah, he’s a DJ, but he’s also the mastermind behind the massive label Defected Records. Check the awesome interview in where he gets deep about all things House.

Parisian style meets LA glamour as Michael Canitrot and Playboy join forces for a two-disc set!