DJ OF THE WEEK 9.24.12: AEROPLANEAeroplane is just a fancy word for airplane, unless you’re talking about the one man band consisting of Vito De Luca, in which case you’re talking about fancy music, and then some.

Born in Belgium to Italian parents De Luca is not just your average DJ and producer, he is a musical powerhouse, one of the most eclectic DJs in the scene, one of it’s most sought after remixers, and if there is a Nu-Disco movement, he is at its forefront.

De Luca grew up in a musical family and being classically trained on the piano and the guitar meant he would helm the instruments when the old folks would gather around and sing. He was also lucky enough to have an uncle who was a DJ during the 70’s and 80’s. Guess who stole all his records right from under him?

Determined to follow a career in music De Luca played in a couple of bands and opened his own record shop all before the age of 20. It was at this record store that he met Stephen Fasano aka The Magician and the group Aeroplane was born.

Aeroplane quickly made a name for themselves with their ethereal and emotional tunes such as “Caramellas,” “Whispers,” “Superstar,” and more. They made such an impact, so immediately, their remix duties quickly outnumbered their own original work. It wasn’t until 2010 that the pair put out their first album, “We Can’t Fly,” and just like that, they weren’t a group.

Instead of the completion of the album marking the end of the studio work and the time to hit the road on tour, the pair called it quits. Long having realized their trajectories were heading in different directions they thought it best to go their own ways. Stephano went on to reinvent himself as The Magician and De Luca stayed with the name Aeroplane, formed his own record label, Aeropop, and he has been taking his career to new heights ever since. “Without Lies,” “Enemy,” his awesome compilation titled “In Flight Entertainment,” his numerous remixes for the likes of Bob Sinclar, “Baby I’m Yours,” Coyote’s “Too Hard,” The Rapture’s “Sail Away,” the dancefloor filling remix of Cassius’ “The Sound of Violence,” I could go on and on, but there’s only one word I can come up with to surmise De luca’s music, BEAUTIFUL!

Over dramatic? I don’t think so. I mean, if you are a true lover of music and can appreciate it when it’s done right, you will simply feel the same when you hear De Luca’s compositions. In them you will hear the various influences that have made him who he is; from that Italian folk music his family used to sing together, to the Disco culled from his uncles record collection, to New Wave and other 80’s influences. The way De Luca weaves them all together into a concoction of Balearic vibes so chill, they take you back to Ibiza, even if you’ve never been. Nu Disco grooves so funky you lament anything bad ever said about Disco. Compositions that are more like movie scores, so awe inspiring they are, it would feel sacrilegious were you to hear them played as background music at hotel lounges. That’s not being over dramatic, that’s just giving credit where credit is due. And De Luca has more than earned it.

Mark my words, after this era fizzles out and EDM falls off the charts and back into obscurity, and your future kids are looking through your MP3 collection like many of us did our elders, like De Luca did his uncles vinyl, you can bet Aeroplane will catch their attention. Their ears will linger on his music a little longer than on the popular big room club hits in your collection. They will recognize it as the great music of the era that was ignored by the radio. The “real” music of the period. And they will be correct.

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