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Kenny Summit continues breaking new ground by digging into the crates of House music’s past and paying homage to the greats – all the while his eyes set on the future!

What better way to wrap up our month long feature of Latino Djs than with one of the greatest to ever do it, David Morales!

EDC might be a spectacular extravaganza of all things EDM, but when you want the real deal, you go to the after parties. And what they’re playing there is not necessarily what you hear on the stages!

This is a Spike Lee wake up moment. We can use the energy generated by the Frankie Knuckle memorials, Dance Parade, Larry Levan Way party, and Three Kings celebrations to expand the reach of this beautiful, uplifting music we call house.

Graham Knox Frazier’s soon to be released “Sound of The” is dedicated in loving memory of Frankie Knuckles.

In these “modern” times, we are constantly reminded just how fragile time is. It’s nice to reflect on where our roots started.

This week, we’re still not quite ready to proceed as normal. This week we dedicate DJ of the Week to the memories of Frankie Knuckles, all the memories he left behind in each and every one of us.

In memorium. The world may never know how truly special he was, but it surely won’t forget him.

The Best of Supernova – A Celebration 2003-2013 is a landmark compilation from the Italian house duo; a comprehensive collection of some of their greatest studio moments spread across three expansive CDs!

We’ve been interviewing a lot of New York EDM DJs as of late, but it’s time we feature a DJ that is all about House music. We couldn’t think of anyone better than hector Romero.