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The underground represents a way of life, a state of mind and a music ethic that bypasses the mainstreams notions of what artists like The Saliva Commandos represent.

The Sidekixx are an exciting, energetic, and creative trio from NYC, the Bronx to be exact. Say word!

Wi ah guh ave ah bashment wid four Reggae mixes! Time to feel the riddims!

Continuing our focus on Latino DJs this month, we bring you two up and coming cats with enough groove, beats, and heart to rattle your bones! Let’s go!

Pull out them cassettes, get them boom boxes ready, prop them speakers on the window sill, we bout to have a Rap Attack with this weeks DJ of the Week, Mr. Marley Marl!! Now, that’s fresh!

Young and in charge, get familiar with The Martinez Brothers.

DJ Disco Wiz teams up with author Ivan Sanchez to chronicle his life as one of Hip Hops’ first Latino DJs. And we were at the book release! Read more here…