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Because we love all things nitelife doesn’t mean we don’t love other forms of entertainment. For instance, we love movies! Just in time for the Oscar’s, we introduce you to our list of what we think are the best movies of 2014. And just like our music, don’t expect all mainstream either!

Resident movie geek Roger Vargas is taking an Interstellar trip to the unknown, let’s see what he finds out!

Suspend your disbelief and lets take a ride on the Snowpiercer!

Imagine you’re at the end of your rope trying to make ends meet in order to provide for your family. What would you do? Is there anything that you wouldn’t do? That’s what the movie Cheap Thrill tackles. Get ready for a ride.

Live / Die / Repeat! My review of Edge of Tomorrow.

Sometimes no matter how many parties you have to attend, there is a movie you can’t wait too long to see. That’s why this clubber made sure to catch Godzilla opening weekend! Here’s the review!

As usual our CLUBBERS GUIDE TO MOVIES comes at a clubbers schedule! And we love it that way! Here is our review of the latest Captain America installment. What should have been a typical superhero film, becomes a conspiracy-espionage type thriller and we loved that too!

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 gets a few things right, but runs out of web fluid too often.

Hey folks, Roger here with my pick & peek post of a film that I recently saw and one that Quentin Tarantino said was his best film of 2013. Want to get a idea of what this film is about? Let’s quickly dive in…

Our resident movie expert Roger Vargas places his bets on his Oscar predictions for the 86th Annual Academy Awards going down this Sunday!