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Hey folks, Roger here with my pick & peek post of a film that I recently saw and one that Quentin Tarantino said was his best film of 2013. Want to get a idea of what this film is about? Let’s quickly dive in…

Our resident movie expert Roger Vargas places his bets on his Oscar predictions for the 86th Annual Academy Awards going down this Sunday!

Best Films of 2013

Just because we love all things nitelife, doesn’t mean we don’t love other forms of entertainment. For instance, we love movies! Just in time for the Oscar’s, we introduce you to our list of what we think are the best movies of 2013. And just like our music, don’t expect all mainstream either!

This weekend I’m going to space. Either Sandra Bullock’s new flick Gravity is going to take me there or these three DnB mixes will.

The 33rd anniversary of the release of the movie The Warriors just passed, and we wanted to celebrate. Wanna “come out to play”?