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This years 1200Dreams DJ of The Year is more than a DJ, it’s all of them! What? Read on to see a 1200Dreams first. Our DJ of The Year honor will never be the same.

Fedde le Grand is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the scene! Bout time we recognize!

The buzz around town is that Alex Kassel is the next David Guetta. Check his latest single and see what you think!

Not since the early 90’s have Hip Hop and Dance music been so friendly with each other. Haters, step off the dance floor, we got a ‘good feeling’!

Love them or hate them, DJ Mags Top 100 DJ’s list has been unveiled! Which DJ topped the list for 2011? Find out here!

Over the last few Weekend Mixes we have covered Dancehall and Roots Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, and much, much more. This weekend we’re going to Alabama, baby and we’re going to turn it up all the way to 10 and blow the doors off this mufugga!

DJ Reza is the kind of businessman we can get down with. Actually, his business is making us get down!

Wally Lopez may seem like a new guy on the scene, but he’s been around for quite a minute. In fact, you might’ve still been playing with action figures when he first began his career.