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27 years, 50 events. Southport Weekender is a community inspired, supported and loved ultimate weekend destination. This is our recap!!

In these “modern” times, we are constantly reminded just how fragile time is. It’s nice to reflect on where our roots started.

His fan base is made up of Hip Hop stars, celebrities, athletes, political figures, and the working class. Rich Medina strikes the right note for many and that’s why he is our DJ of The Week.

Jamie Joseph gives us an upbeat soulful break up with Hit the Ground Running.

Troumaca brings “The Grace” from Birmingham England in their debut album.

Peven Everett is back. This King of Hearts leaves nothing to chance as he shows just how much “I just wanna make you happy”. He does.

From Paris to Detroit and back, Desiree Paris takes you on a temporal journey that leaves nothing lacking and yet…wanting more

Ralf Gum shares more inan in depth Q&A, including why he moved to South Africa, his record label’s 10th anniversary and the so-called rise of EDM.

Get ready for a musical journey like no other, we’re going from NYC to Cali. Get ready for take off.

The 33rd anniversary of the release of the movie The Warriors just passed, and we wanted to celebrate. Wanna “come out to play”?