WEEKEND MIX 6.17.11: HolmOlsen
June 16, 2011

WEEKEND MIX 6.17.11: HolmOlsen

If you don’t brace yourself while listening to this weekends mix, you just might slip and land somewhere in the 1980’s. Though the music in HolmOlsen’s hour plus mix, Strawberry Outfit is all contemporary, it has a laid back and funky groove reminiscent of some 80’s FM radio goodness. Or maybe a long week full of coding and programming has our own wires crossed and we simply have our decades mixed up. But wait, did I just hear some Bananarama? And was that Hall & Oats? Correct on both counts, albeit one is the Soul Clap remix and the second, well, it was Hall & Oats in all their glory in a subtle reworking by Joe Malenda. Let’s not forget the Space Ranger’s ‘Nightmoves’, Gwen Guthrie’s ‘Hopscoth’, and Jaffa Surfa’s ‘Disco Z’, each confusing the brain even more over what year it is exactly.

Bottom line, HolmOlson from Denmark manages to weave together a simple, yet alluring mix that somehow grabs a hold of you and transports you to another time and place, maybe not the 80’s exactly, but definitely not here. And that’s just fine by us.

1. Alena – Changes [Ron Basejam Remix]
2. 2020Soundsystem – Ocean [Ray Mang Remix]
3. Death On The Balcony – Cruel Banana
4. Beat Fanatic – Goin Out [Drop Out Orchestra Whiskey Rework]
5. Duffstep – Love The Freak [Loosefit Remix]
6. Space Ranger – Nightmoves [Blacklodge Remix]
7. Gwen Guthrie – Hopscotch [Pak Lok & Laberge Remix]
8. Hall & Oates – Out Of Touch [Joe Malenda DJ Edit]
9. Jaffa Surfa – Disco Z [The Revenge Remix]
10. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Tears [Stallions Remix]
11. Noze – Danse Avec Moi




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