WEEKENDMIX 1.20.12: Lefto
January 20, 2012

WEEKENDMIX 1.20.12: Lefto

No, it’s not because I’m expecting my second child any day now, or maybe it is. Maybe it’s what some of my friends have called pregnant brain, though there must be another name for what the men go through, cuz I’m surely not the one pregnant. Still I contend, that’s not the reason why this WeekendMix is more subdued than what we usually post.

Don’t you sometimes want to turn the volume down a lil bit and listen to music that doesn’t rattle your bones shaking your spirit free, but instead listen to something that allows you to sit back, chill, fall back into your own skin, take note perhaps of who and where you are, right now? Granted, we’ve featured similar fair, but we won’t hold it against you if you missed it; nitelife is a fast paced and loud world and our WeekendMix usually reflects that.

Thing is WeekendMix has always been about more than that; it’s about the music, but also about the creativity, the overall package presented in the mix. And this can come in different forms, styles, tempos, genres, sometimes a mix of all of these, resulting in just the right mix to move us, like the mix we’re featuring this weekend.

Born in Belgium, Lefto is a DJ, producer, and more; he might not be the type of DJ you’ll hear at Ibiza rocking a Ministry of Sound party (perhaps the must go to after party is more likely), but his star is on the rise and you will hear why with the following mix. Lefto seems to have consumed nothing short of all the worlds music and it spills forth in his mixes. Classic Soul, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Lefto weaves it all together without jolting the listener, well, except when he plays a song or a funky groove you’ve never heard and you suddenly crank your neck to look towards the music as if that will provide you with the name of the artist behind it. Otherwise, Lefto’s mixes provoke deep thought and good vibes all around.

Though there’s more cursing than I’d like in a few tracks, I’ll still be able to enjoy this mix over the weekend as I attend to my expecting ladies every whim. Thanks Lefto!




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