November 2, 2012 Share


Taxis sit in a flooded lot after Hurricane Sandy October 30, 2012 in Hoboken, New Jersey. (Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images/AFP

For us in the East Coast it has been a tough week to say the least. Hurricane Sandy roared through and left nothing but destruction in her wake. The 1200Dreams crew is safe but those of us that live in the east coast have all been affected way or another. All of us have suffered from power issues, damage to our cars, or something. I myself have been stranded at home for a few days now, going out only for essentials such as food and gas. And with gas now in short supply, I guess I’ll be stranded for a few more days. Still, we’re all alive, hearts beating, and we’re happy for that.

Now, we simply have to deal with the aftermath, which as is evident by the news reports each day, is much worse than any of us had ever imagined. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the news coming in, believe me I know, but at some point you have to rip yourself away from it and distract yourself. I finally did that today. I put on some music and with my two beautiful kids, who I have been watching this entire week, we simply danced. It was a beautiful and much needed moment indeed. Music might not heal the wounds entirely, but it sure does help.

Now, with all that has happened this week, I didn’t partake in my normal routine of digging through the digital crates that is the Internet in search of mixes. Thankfully though, the mixes have once again found me.

Both of the featured mixes were uploaded to the official 1200Dreams Soundcloud group, the first by Eddie Blaze and titled High On House Mix, just a few hours prior to me writing this. And what an appropriate mix it is. Eddie’s selection of deep House grooves is just what was needed to uplift my spirits, and I’m sure it will lift yours as well. Next up is a mix titled OldSkool Underground Garage by DJ Mike Mission, providing more deep House grooves of the classic variety. It too will lift your spirits. Both will get you moving.

That’s it for now party people. Need to watch more news, run some errands, and dance in the living room some more of course.

Eddie Blaze

High On House Mix DJ Mike Mission

OldSkool Underground Garage