February 21, 2014 Share


Winter has been brutal, and though we’re not out of the woods yet, the forecast calls for thunderstorms all weekend, things are looking up. In fact, since the mounds of snow have melted so much and moving the car won’t be such a hassle, the fam and I are going to break out of this cabin fever that’s been choking us up, and go, just go, anywhere – I’ve never wanted to go shopping so bad in my life! We’re gonna go get ourselves into debt!

Sad truth is, that enthusiasm is quickly drained out of you when you have three kids. Besides, after being cramped up all winter, you just can’t go from 0-60 so fast, you need to ease into it -or is that just me? Anyway, since we’re going to be inundated with rain anyway, I say, let the rain do its job and wash away the rest of the snow while I begin to look into a few D.I.Y projects that have been burning a hole in my cranium. Maybe, I can even start planning that much needed vacation? Hmm, these are just the type of projects I need to get my brains gears working and my enthusiasm and energy way up; sounds like my weekend is planned already.

Now, all I need is music. Nothing too loud and hard of course -I’ve got the kids for that- just something chilled out and smooth. And I think I’ve found the perfect three mixes for that!

Following are three, smooth ass mixes of downtempo, chillout mixes sure to accompany you if you are so inclined to take on your own project and need to focus, or perhaps you just want to relax and watch the rain fall, even better, maybe your Valentine’s day fun is not over yet and you and your lover are just looking for another reason to stay in, well, if so, here are three great reasons.

Cool? Cool. I’m gonna go plan that vacation now. Oh and that DIY project? Yeah, that can wait!


The Hop – Hip Hop, Chill Out, DownTempo


Cafe Del Mar – Chill Out – House

Maska Boska

Late Nite Medicine