As the northeast goes through another cold snap and the southeast sheds sweaters and long sleeves for flip flops and shades, the excitement is stirring for the upcoming Winter Music Conference 2014. Things have been quietly brewing since the dates were announced for the 29th season of the annual House Music Festival and we’re starting to see events, videos, mixes, compilations and releases geared toward the yearly House Music festival. Just a week or so ago, the comprehensive WMC The List wasn’t populated on line and now it’s buzzing with all kinds of delights from March 21 to March 30. The buzz has also been building in the social media avenues, with many first timers dipping their toes to check the temperature the South Beach event has to offer. The “regulars” who have provided consistent fun in the sun are flexing a bit and expanding their horizons in an effort to keep things fresh and vibrant.

Of course, there are those who won’t be attending the dawn til dawn poolside, rooftop or front lobby partying. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a taste of what’s coming. Selected for this WeekendMix are three mixes that are put together in the interest of the unified global house family and each is available for free download, all for the love of House.

The first mix is from DJ ΩmegΔ, a Florida based independent producer and DJ. This WMC 2014 promo mix touches on some of the genres that are folded into House, with a strong lean toward electro. It’s a smoking mix from the beginning and turns things up to a break neck pace, much like what happens when the sun is high during an open air rooftop party.

The next mix is from London (UK) based Rodrigo Roura. It’s a deep ascent that kicks off with a powerful will and takes us through a jumping, vocal and soulful journey, giving us some of the global flavors mixed into House.

Rounding out the trio is New York based Louis “Quick” Marrel’s contribution to the excitement as a new comer to WMC and its boundless energy that leads partiers from hotel lobby to poolside to Segafredo’s for its signature small, always packed dining room serving up Ropa Vieja and Café con leche to energize househeads to beat the path from one end of South Beach to the other, making new friends, hearing new music, singing to known music and taking pictures with DJs, producers and artists from all over the world.

As a bonus, here is the Defected In The House Miami WMC 2013 – Official Aftermovie, just in case you needed a bit more insight into why WMC has been around for 29 years.